The Top 10 Benefits of Industrial Automation

The Top 10 Benefits of Industrial Automation

Companies large and small are increasingly relying on industrial automation, and it’s easy to see why. Manufacturers use robots and other automation solutions to stay competitive in the global marketplace, free human workers from working on repetitive tasks, keep workers safe, and more. As you consider industrial automation, take into account these top 10 benefits!

#1. Increase Productivity

Manufacturers can increase the productivity of their factories with automation. Industrial robots can work non-stop, 24/7. That’s right, even during the night and over the weekends, with minimal supervision. Robots also don’t need time for breaks or to take sick days off. All of this means you can increase output levels and meet order deadlines.

#2. Have Quick Changeovers

Industrial robots are made to be flexible, allowing you to easily retool, redeploy, and reposition them. This feature is extremely helpful for factories that produce high-mix low-volume manufacturing. Also known as HMLV manufacturing, this refers to the production of many different products in small quantities. Now you can have quick changeover times and switch between different products without the need to completely recreate production lines.

#3. Reduce Operating Costs

Make your business more competitive by reducing operating costs – the day-to-day business expenditures. The cost of an industrial robot may initially seem too high for small manufacturers. Yet, the cost has decreased by about 50% since 1990 due to scaled-up production and technological advancements. Automation also reduces labor costs by allowing employees to apply themselves in a more efficient way.

#4. Improve Product Quality

Automated systems are programmed to make repeated tasks with accuracy. So, while humans make the occasional error, robots consistently deliver a high-quality product. Plus, this saves time and resources otherwise spent correcting errors.

#5. Create a Safer Workplace

Manufacturers can safeguard employees by letting robotic automation take on repetitive tasks that are unpleasant, strenuous, or dangerous. That way, human workers don’t need to lift a lot of weight, handle blades or lasers, be exposed to fire or gas, and more.

Employees can also eliminate musculoskeletal disorders, which are injuries or illnesses associated with overexertion or repetitive motion. Examples include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • back pain
  • hernias
  • sprains
  • strains
  • tears

#6. Reduce Waste

By using automation, your team can reduce the amount of waste created. The precision nature of robots and automated systems allows you to maximize material usage. This means using fewer materials, building more products, and reducing the waste produced as a result of poor quality.

#7. Save Space

Robots and automated systems don’t have to take up a lot of room. Many of the ones built today have compact, mobile bases that can be moved around on the floor or mounted on ceilings and walls. Manufacturers can use this saved space for other activities.

#8. Give Workers High-Level Tasks

When industrial robots take on repetitive, tedious tasks, humans can focus on high-level tasks that require more flexibility, strategy, and expertise. They can also focus on ways to increase production and revenue, thereby helping to drive the company’s future success.

#9. Reduce Labor Turnover

Giving employees more engaging tasks can make them feel more fulfilled in their work. In turn, this reduces the employee turnover rate and alleviates hiring challenges.

Plus, robots eliminate the cost associated with recruiting and ongoing training for the tasks they complete.

#10. Gain a Competitive Advantage

In today’s competitive market, every business strives to gain a competitive advantage. Set your company apart by implementing industrial automation. Companies that do so complete and deliver their products faster than competitors while ensuring consistent quality.

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