Custom Foam – Shadow


Your Shadow-boarded Tool Organization Partner

Custom Technologies provides bespoke tool storage to fit any drawer or any tray.
Have your parts and tools, kitted.  Know where they are at all times.
Be Organized!

Tools Need A Place To Call Home

Tool shadow boarding ensures that you know where your tools are, eliminates wated time trying to find tools, and makes sure that there is a home for every component.
Not only is this good practice – it’s manditory for many government regulated industries.  As a turnkey manufacturer,  we did this for ourselves and have found that the increase in efficiencies are real.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to  give your foam lined drawers logic and flexibility to ensure that you can add a tool if you want to.

Labels Labels Labels

Drawers generally get filled with similar components – Labeling makes the difference in knowing where what goes where.

Our laser etching capabilities make clear durable marks that remove any guess work.

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