How Industrial Automation Can Help With the Labor Shortage

How Industrial Automation Can Help With the Labor Shortage

First came the pandemic and then the Great Resignation. These created shifts in the job market with people looking to have higher-paying jobs, begin a new path in their career, or retire.

To address the labor shortage, companies increased their investments in industrial automation. Continue reading to learn how implementing robots in your production line can help your company!

The Cost of Poor-Quality Jobs

Employers offering highly repetitive jobs are having the most trouble filling open positions. While these jobs are essential to our industrial world, the wrong person in this position can have low commitment and engagement, thereby affecting company performance.

Workers want their work to be valued and respected, have opportunities for growth, and be able to build financial security. This is where robotic automation comes into play. Automating the monotony frees up your personnel, allowing them to grow.

A Record Number of Robots Sold

The number of robots sold reached a new record in 2021. According to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), there were $2 billion in sales when 39,708 units sold. This is up 28% from 2020 and is a 14% increase over the previous record high in 2017.

These record sales go to show that industries are increasingly looking to automation for solutions in increasing productivity and alleviating labor shortages.

Automation Increases Productivity

Robots can increase productivity. Unlike human workers, they do not need to rest and can work non-stop, even overnight and on the weekends. This allows robots to increase output levels and people to go through additional training for better roles.

Automation Leads to Better Job Opportunities

Automation is not about replacing people. While robots may replace some jobs, automation ultimately:

  • paves the way for innovation.
  • creates better work opportunities for employees.
  • allows businesses to remain productive and competitive.

Repetitive jobs that humans do not want can go to robots. Give factory workers the time to engage in more creative and strategic tasks or gain skills and take on more meaningful work.

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