10 Examples of Automation in Everyday Life

10 Examples of Automation in Everyday Life

At Custom Technologies, we often discuss automation in a manufacturing setting. However, automation exists in our day-to-day life as well. From household appliances to your car and even how you land a job, automation plays a role in it all.

Keep reading for ten examples of automation in everyday life!

1. In Your Car

Automation exists within modern cars in several ways. One example is the vehicle’s GPS. These systems automatically warn us about heavy traffic, closed roads, and energy calculations.

Another more complicated example of automation is auto-pilot. It uses cameras, sensors, and other technologies simultaneously. Then, the car transmits the signals received to a computer that calculates the issues and potential paths to drive. Afterward, the computer forwards all the data to the car’s ” brain,” which translates all the calculated information into driving directions.

2. Smart Thermostats

These smart, programmable thermostats are excellent additions to any home that wants to run its furnace or air conditioner more efficiently and still have the house comfortable when the family gets home.

Program the times you want the temperature to change and go about your daily routine without care.

3. Employing Staff

When a company requires two or three staff, they could get hundreds to thousands of people applying. It becomes a tremendous job for the company to sift through all the resumes and cover letters.

Some companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to solve this problem. A company must select keywords it expects prospective employees to have and allow the machine to process the data in a few seconds.

4. Consumer Electronics

Automation technology exists even in the most mundane of tasks. From heating food in a microwave to washing clothes in a washing machine, it’s all automation. Even an electric kettle will shut off automatically once the water is perfectly boiled. All this is possible because consumer electronic devices are built with pre-programmed microcontrollers for the consumers’ requirements.

5. Medical

When people say automation can be life-changing, sometimes they mean that literally. Life support systems and ventilators use automatic devices to perform various tasks. These devices are equipped with multiple sensors designed to monitor and observe the patient’s body signals to activate the device’s features when needed.

For example, a ventilator will automatically turn on the artificial oxygen supply as soon as it senses a drop in a patient’s oxygen levels.

6. Entertainment

Entertainment encompasses a lot of different mediums today, but typically when one thinks of traditional entertainment mediums, photography and videography come to mind.

Nowadays, artists use high-tech cameras to enhance picture quality and experience. These cameras contain features like auto-adjust, auto-stabilization, and auto-capture, all of which are examples of automation.

7. Agriculture

Have you ever thought about how you get your food? How does it get from the fields to the grocery store?

Over the years, farmers realized that several types of traditional agricultural equipment needed to be transformed to increase the quality and quantity of crop production. Many machines have been invented that do tedious tasks quickly and efficiently. Examples of these include:

  • Harvesters
  • Irrigation systems
  • Plowing machines
  • Self-driving tractors

An advantage of using these machines is that they automatically sense the need for an operation and complete the task as programmed by the farmer.

8. Banking

When thinking of automation and banking, one’s mind goes straight to an ATM, but in reality, automation in banking goes much further than that.

Banks utilize automation for many things, including:

  • Fraud prevention and protection
  • Customer experience enhancement
  • Strategic marketing
  • Regulatory compliance

All these outcomes are made possible by automation’s extraordinary knack for data analysis.

9. More Accessible Technology

Nowadays, it’s paramount that we make all technology as accessible as possible, especially in everyday technology like smartphones and computers. When specific processes are automated rather than manual, the technology in question becomes more friendly for non-tech-savvy consumers and those who may have a physical or mental impairment.

Providing equal opportunities for everyone to access the same technology creates a more equitable world.

10. Small, Medium, & Large Businesses

Simply put, automation is about implementing a system that completes repetitive and easily replicated tasks without using human labor. That being said, automation can be advantageous in almost any business model.

A business can use automation for:

  • Email marketing
  • Customer service
  • Sales:
    • Searching leads
    • Invoicing
    • Processing orders
    • Tracking shipments
    • Managing clients
  • Human resources

Modern technology has enabled many clerical, assistive, and behind-the-scenes work to become automated, leaving more time for employees to be more productive.

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