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Custom Foam Inserts

Quality Custom Foam Inserts Designed and Made in the USA

Send your next custom foam insert project to Custom Technologies!

Need Single Use Foam?

Whether your needs are small-volume or large-volume, we will work with you to create a custom foam insert that is perfect for your application.  We provide:

  • One-time-use inserts for high-impact packaging of luxury products (watches, coins, pens, and more)
  • Custom Engraving of packaging for branding, instructions, and labeling

Treat Sensitive Equipment and Parts As They Should Be Treated!

Protect your products in style.  Whether your need something for air travel or to just transit down the street – Custom Technologies can deliver a bespoke secure system for any number of parts of any size.    

We build foam inserts with durability in mind – tacking criteria that may plauge the lifetime of our competitors:
  • Washability
  • UV Stability
  • Temperature Stability
  • Color
  • Durometer
Custom Technologies custom foam inserts for salesman box Valve Company

Messy Workspace? Clean it up!

Increase your workplace efficiency, reduce lost tools, and make your regulators happy with tool shadowboxing.


Custom Technologies will design drawers and boards to hold everything from the common wrench to highly unique task specific tools.


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