Custom Foam – Enduring Use

Custom Foam For Enduring Use

Sometimes Bubble Wrap just Won't Do

Custom Technologies provides an easy way to design unique foam inserts

to protect your most valuable shipments whether they’re traveling across 

the sea or just down the street.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

There is nothing worse than opening up a package from your own company and finding that all the unique custom made components have been busted.  At Custom Technologies – we get it.  It’s happened to us so much that we changed how we do things.  We personally design individual shipping totes for each of our needs. We offer these same services to you.



Don’t let your shipping company have an excuse of “you packed it poorly” – leverage Custom Technologies to make robust and durable foam inserts to keep your parts, products, and equipment safe through the roughest shipping scenarios.

Our Engineering Has Depth

We live in a 3D world, your foam should do the same.  For ages we’ve been using those pick-and place ‘Kaizen’ foam blocks but we’ve all had issues with them:

  • They break after a single use.
  • The cube size never fits the components perfectly
  • The density of the foam is so low that parts can crash against each other

Let Custom Technologies make foam inserts with depth and precision for your most precious items.

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