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Designing, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Since 1997

Centrally located in the. U.S. heartland, our highly experienced engineers and manufacturing experts specialize in launching and making products.

Full-Spectrum Product Engineering and Manufacturing

Custom Technologies offers a broad array of stand-alone services, up to and including complete turnkey manufacturing solutions. Our wide range of offerings allows us to serve a multitude of client types, from startups and investors to large, well-established companies.

Industries Served

Established Companies

Let us be the agile ones.

Looking to outsource some of your component manufacturing needs? Are you encountering timely supply issues with some of your current vendors?  Wanting to revise or further enhance some of your automated systems? Custom Technologies may be just the company you’re looking for! We can also source viable, cost-competitive, American-made parts to replace components and products that you currently import.


We handle what you don’t!

Custom Technologies can help you launch your product from concept to finished production utilizing our Minimum Viable Launch™ approach. This systematically shortens the development cycle, reduces overall costs, and ensures that the end-product not only meets your initial expectations but is also designed for manufacturability, cost effectiveness, and reliability. Let our many years of manufacturing experience help ensure your product launch is a success.


Rely on our real-world experience.

Have you invested in a team that could use some assistance bringing their product to reality? Are they at the early prototype stage and now bogged down in the details needed to fully launch a functional and reliable product? Do they need a manufacturing partner to hedge your bets for their success? Let Custom Technologies fill in those gaps and help your investment grow!

Core Competencies

Our in-house engineering department designs for functionality, testability, manufacturability, and reliability. Using the latest CAD and 3-D modeling programs, we will take your ideas from concept to full production, culminating in a manufacturable product design that is cost appropriate and designed specifically for your target market.



We make fully functioning, testable, and manufacturable prototypes swiftly and accurately to help you stay one step ahead of your competition. No appearance models here!



We can prepare your parts to full precision specification using our state-of-the-art Mazak CNC machines, to help us create a finished machined product that meets your exact needs. Once machined and/or fabricated, the created parts will be laser-cut, welded, powder coated, and assembled according to your project’s needs.



Custom Technologies can cut, etch, and engrave glass, stone, wood, acrylic, leather, and more. Using our Boss Laser, the possibilities are endless.



Custom Technologies has an extensive network of heat treatment, finishing, and plating suppliers, which allows us to offer virtually any finish required. We continuously research finishes and platings, ensuring that we provide proper protection and appearance for your specific needs.



From plastic injection to expandable self-skinning foam and beyond, we are proud to machine custom tooling and molds directly in-house. We have the expertise to work with both rigid and flexible materials.



From miniature onboard microprocessors controlling an industrial valve to large custom PLC software projects controlling entire assembly lines, we cover the spectrum of electronics and industrial software solutions.


Custom Technologies uses in-house, specialized assembly equipment to get the job done with precision. We expertly handle small-, medium-, and large-sized products, no matter how simple or complex. We know how to set up and maintain quality control, too. Our team has a keen eye for detail and is fully equipped with the most up-to-date machinery to ensure your product’s requirements are met.


Custom Technologies can manage your supply chain, make and execute purchasing orders on your behalf, and even set up inventory, warehousing, and customized shipping services for you in our warehouse. Our trained warehouse personnel also package your products, design and choose the correct type of packaging for your shipment, and ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time.



Are you a startup company with a great product but don’t have your operations and administrative systems set up yet to handle the purchasing, accounting, and supply-chain logistical needs necessary for launching a product? As your turnkey manufacturer, we can integrate our systems with yours and help you get all your systems running smoothly.



Allow the Custom Technologies team to automate your manufacturing operations to match your sales growth. Our automation machinery is user-friendly and built to last. Whether you retain us as your turnkey manufacturer, or whether you someday choose to bring your operations in-house at your facility, we’ll see that your automated production line is state-of-the-art.


Bring Your Idea to Fruition.

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