Custom Technologies: your product launch partner.

Custom Technologies specializes in a holistic approach to product launch – we do it all, and we stand by our customers’ interests every step of the way.  We provide a single-source offering – from concept and design, to rapid prototypes, to first-run operations, to fully automated production line systems.  Our team knows manufacturing, and we combine modern technologies with old-school manufacturing talent. 

Design- professional sketches, 3D CAD Renderings, schematic drawings. We design for aesthetics, functionality, reliability, manufacturability, testability, market positioning, and cost effectiveness. We also design for patent and intellectual property considerations.

Rapid prototypes – flexible gaskets, rigid plastics, metals – production quality products within days, not weeks.  Get your product finalized quickly.

Operation Setup- Accounting systems, part serialization, inventory management, shipping, legal referrals. We see you as a business, not just a product. We will help set you up for success.

Manufacturing- small to large scale productions, custom programming, custom automation, quality control. We will scale our production to fit your demand and lower costs as your company grows.

What Sets Custom Technologies Apart?

Custom Technologies streamlines transitions between development stages.  We handle it all using our 6- Step Minimum Viable Launch™ process. By eliminating these handoffs, you save time and money and (most importantly) avoid miscommunications.

We understand the entire cycle, and we design products that work. No more going back to the drawing board because your beautiful design was un-manufacturable.  Bottom line, we make real things that work in the real world.

One company benefits you and your bottom line.