The Box Butler™

The Box Butler™

Fully Automated Unboxing Solution

Let the Box Butler™ work for you by delivering your unboxed product without the unboxing hassle!

Custom Technologies Box Butler robot

Why Use The Box Butler™?

The Box Butler™ (patent pending) is a fully automated unboxing solution that can be wholly integrated into your company’s existing processing line. The key technical features include vision-enabled collaborative robotic ‘cobots’, laser cutters, and automated conveyors.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and throughput
  • Less line downtime
  • Reduced manual labor dependence

4 Step Process:

  1. A boxed product enters the laser ‘opening station’ via automated conveyors and is robotically manipulated into position.

  2. The product’s container is cleanly separated along its bottom edge using precision laser-cutting techniques. This leaves the top and sides of the box (‘the box dome’) intact while keeping the product securely inside.

  3. The product, still fully encapsulated inside the dome of the original box, is robotically moved out of the laser opening station and separated from the box bottom.

  4. The product is robotically unboxed. The dome of the original box is lifted away and removed from the product. Voila, the product safely makes its way to the next operation!
Custom Technologies Box Butler process infographic

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