Our MVL Approach


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Our signature Minimum Viable Launch™ Approach will take your product to market quickly and cost effectively.

When the other guys only worry about getting you Minimum Viable Product, we think about the entire picture.


Product functions reliably


Product is cost-effective


Product quality is consistent 


Manufacturing is scalable


Online retail store is functional


Shipping procedures are outlined


Products are tracked and serialized


Established supply chain


Product is marketed/advertised

Minimum Viable Product


Minimum Viable Launch

Custom Technologies streamlines transitions between development stages.  We handle it all. By eliminating these handoffs, you save time and money and (most importantly) avoid miscommunications. No more going back to the drawing board because your beautiful design was un-manufacturable.

See how using one company benefits you and your bottom line. 

Lower Cost

Lower your cost by only hiring one party to get your product to market. No more finger-pointing!  The more companies you involve in your outsourcing, the higher your costs can climb.

Avoid costly redesigns: we design for manufacturability from day one.

Save Time

You will spend less time on your project with Custom Technologies because you no longer need to go through the process of finding suitable companies to do each step.

Because every step is handled in house, we can overlap steps and compress the timeline.

Meet us and start your project once.

Streamline Communication

Communicate with one partner, not several. Gone are the days of long conference calls between all the various parties hired onto your project.

Maintain one point of reliable contact at Custom Technologies for all your needs. We never leave you in the dark.

Scroll through our signature 6-step Minimum Viable Launch™ Approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you already have a product and are seeking a manufacturing partner to make it, we would be happy to fill that role. 

Yes. We can evaluate your current manufacturing processes to see where we can cut costs and improve quality. Even if a cost reduction seems small at the per-part level, over time pennies can add up to millions!

We are willing to start working with you at any stage in the 6 step process. 

Yes, or two, or three! You can use multiple manufacturers if it makes sense for your business. 

Yes. We routinely manage drop-ships for our customers. Let us be your “brick and mortar” operation. 

Very, very rarely. with few exceptions, all products manufactured by Custom Technologies are 100% USA-made. We make real things, right here.  

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