Protecting and Organizing With Custom Foam Inserts

Protecting and Organizing With Custom Foam Inserts

From moving your camera to storing your tools, you’ll want your equipment to stay in perfect condition. Custom foam inserts are the solution for having complete protection and looking presentable.

In this article, our experts will cover how this protection is possible, what items you can protect and organize, and where you can go for your company’s needs!

Foam Inserts Offer Protection

The foam has specific cutouts for each item that sits inside. These make sure the pieces don’t collide with one another and provide a buffer against drops and dings. Any impact disperses, protecting the objects from prolonged vibrations, which might otherwise loosen parts and cause damage.

Sure, the hard case the foam sits inside may show wear and tear, but it’s functioning as intended.

What You Can Protect and Organize

Do you need a small or large volume of custom foam inserts? Either way, Custom Technologies will work with you to design exactly what you need while meeting FAA and FDA regulations!

Protect and organize your:

  • components that travel between work sites.
  • regular-use items, like cameras, instruments, tools, and other equipment.
  • luxury products, like watches, coins, and pens.

Shadow boards are another great solution for protecting and organizing your tools. These custom foam inserts are made with two different colored panels. The background color shows an outline of where each tool goes, making it easier to put tools back in their place and see which are already in use. Now you can keep tools from getting lost in a drawer again!

Expertly Organize With Custom Technologies

Elegantly display your brand and organize your products with Custom Technologies’ custom foam inserts. They’re expertly crafted right here in the USA. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and find your custom foam insert solution!