Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Quality Custom Foam Inserts Designed and Made in the USA

Send your next custom foam insert project to Custom Technologies!

Custom Technologies custom foam inserts for salesman box Valve Company

Why Use Custom Technologies?

Whether your needs are small-volume or large-volume, we will work with you to create a custom foam insert that is perfect for your application.  We provide:

  • Specialized long-lasting inserts for regular-use product items like cameras, instruments, and equipment
  • Durable inserts for in-transit protection of work-in-process components between work sites (improve sustainability, reduce packaging labor for products in-process)
  • One-time-use inserts for high-impact packaging of luxury products (watches, coins, pens, and more)

Custom Foam Inserts Are Just Four Steps Away

Step 1:

ScopeSend us the information about the items you want in your case.

  • If you have photos, samples, or technical drawings of your individual items, those are helpful details!
  • Tell us if there are any special characteristics or features you need in your foam, so we can pick the material that’s right for you.
  • Already know the size and/or brand of your desired hardshell outer case? Let us know that as well, or we can recommend a case for you.
  • Already know your layout of how you want things arranged inside your case?  Send us a sketch, or take a photo of how you want things placed.  If you already have a technical drawing of your item placement inside the case, that’s great too!  Custom cuts will require a 2D vector file (such as PDF or SVG).  If you don’t have all of this placement detail, no worries – we’ll create it for you.

Step 2:
ProposalWe will analyze your project and send you a custom quote and a preliminary layout plan.

Step 3:
PrototypeOnce you give us the green light, we get to work on your custom case prototype. When it’s done, we’ll send you the physical prototype and await your approval.

Step 4:
ProductionThe final step is to move your custom case into our production stage! This stage ensures you will enjoy the reliability and convenience of our USA-based production facility. We’re pleased to work with your sales forecast too by adjusting our schedule to see that you consistently get the production volume that your company needs.
Custom Technologies custom foam cigar case

Make Your Vision a Reality

Protect your products in style.  Whether your needs are large volume or small, let us create the perfect foam insert solution, customized for you.  

  • Washability
  • UV Stability
  • Temperature Stability
  • Color
  • Durometer

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