What Is Co-packing and Why Do I Need It?

What Is Co-packing and Why Do I Need It?

Is your business selling multiple types of products, struggling to find space to package orders, or falling behind on packing orders? If so, your business will run smoother with the help of a co-packer. While many companies have switched to co-packing, it remains a mystery for others. Continue reading to learn about co-packers, their benefits, and how Custom Technologies’ Box Butler™ can help.

Co-packing and Its Benefits

Co-packing, or contract packaging, is the process of taking a product and packaging it. Co-packers can put even put multiple products into a single box or package. This process can be a lifesaver for businesses. Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency: They have a streamlined process that packages products faster and more efficiently, achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.
  • More Affordability: Since co-packers build relationships with raw material suppliers, they can get better rates on packaging necessities, making it cheaper to pack your items.
  • Saved time: By outsourcing the packing and shipping of products, you have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

How the Box Butler™ Makes Co-packing More Efficient

Currently, co-packers cut open boxes, lift the product out, and toss the box away before repackaging can begin. This process is revolutionized with the Box Butler™, a fully automated unboxing solution that can be wholly integrated into existing processing lines. Unboxing products no longer has to be done by hand, meaning employees won’t overexert themselves, and ripped pieces of cardboard won’t be all over the place.

Here is the four-step process. First, the boxed product enters the laser opening station via automated conveyors and is robotically put into the correct position. Then, the Box Butler™ uses a precision laser to cut open the bottom of the box. This leaves the top and sides of the box, also known as the dome, intact and the product securely inside. Next, the box and the product inside are robotically moved out of the laser opening station. Lastly, the product is then robotically unboxed, as the dome of the box is lifted away and the product is removed.

Benefits and Key Features of the Box Butler™

The robot does the work so co-packing companies can have more efficiency and throughput, less line downtime, and reduced dependence on manual labor. This also provides them with key technical features. With The Box Butler™, co-packers have access to laser cutters, automated conveyors, and cobots, which are vision-enabled collaborative robots designed to work alongside employees.

Increase Packaging Efficiency With Custom Technologies

Custom Technologies has over 20 years of experience in creating custom automation machinery. Our experts knew there had to be a way to unbox products without the hassle, which led to the creation of The Box Butler™. Contact us today to learn more about this patent-pending solution!