The Importance of Local Manufacturers

The Importance of Local Manufacturers

Like a child, your product is special to you from the moment it is conceived. You want to take care of it the best you can, but there are a lot of decisions to be made. After reaching the prototype stage, specifically, you’ll have to pick a partner to handle the manufacturing. Two available options are choosing to stay local or outsource. Luckily for you, Custom Technologies is here to educate you on the importance of local manufacturers.

Proximity Promotes Communication

An unfortunate miscommunication is all it takes to create chaos – unless you can quickly get in touch with whoever is manufacturing your product. That’s why proximity is one of the top reasons to manufacture locally. Being a short drive away puts you in a beneficial spot when it comes to discussing an issue or necessary adaptation. Information can be misinterpreted over phone calls and emails, especially if you are working with several partners.

An Increase in Quality Control

That also means you will see an increase in quality control. When you can physically be engaged with the creation of your product, you can make sure that your expectations are being met. There’s nothing like being able to walk onto the production floor and picking up your product. Even two-day shipping is a long time to find out that your product does not meet your standards.

Costs Become Lower

Outsourcing manufacturers will also increase your costs. As we just mentioned, your product will have to be shipped from them to you anytime you need it. That’s a hefty payment in itself. Also, think about the price tag that comes with the multiple redesigns due to miscommunication. You’ll save time and money when you can oversee production, knowing that everything has been designed for manufacturability from day one.

Enhancing the Surrounding Economy

If you have a general understanding of how buying local can positively impact the economy, then you also get the idea behind manufacturing local. First off, local manufacturers provide multiple job opportunities for your community. Consider the number of people around you that will be able to afford your product in a thriving economy. Second, the money that they spend also stays local when they need to purchase their resources. Big corporations tend to seek the cheapest options by outsourcing outside of the U.S. 

Connecting with the Community

While it’s wonderful to hear about national brands making large donations to good causes, it’s even better to see a local charity or school receive assistance. That’s what makes manufacturing locally all the greater. When a manufacturer is a part of your community, they want to give back.

Why Custom Technologies?

Partnering with a local manufacturer like Custom Technologies is the best way to care for your product and the people throughout the surrounding community. All products manufactured by Custom Technologies are 100% USA-made. We’re also your one-stop-shop for design, CAD, prototyping, molding, laser cutting, machining and fabrication, 3D printing and more! Let us alleviate the headache that dealing with multiple agencies creates.

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