“…one-stop shop of crucial information for entrepreneurs and startups.” – Dennis M.

“Our founder is literally a one-stop shop of crucial information for entrepreneurs and startups.  She has a resume that shocks people – she holds a master’s degree in physics, combined with an MBA and a law degree.  She’s a serial entrepreneur and inventor, and she isn’t just theoretical – she has hard-core hands-on knowledge.   She obtained her law degree many years after she had already been a proven business owner, because she recognized what a huge barrier-to-entry the cost of patents were to new inventors and startup companies.  She wanted to make sure that legal aspect of the startup process was covered, not only for her own companies but for other entrepreneurs too.  Today, she focuses her law talent on intellectual property and small-business startup work, and her law clients tend to be the same people that we help with our manufacturing and engineering services.  In addition, she uses her in-depth knowledge of accounting and manufacturing operations to help startup companies set up their accounting software and operational business processes.  She’s frankly lethal with that kind of thing. Her colleagues have teased her that her business card needs a little fold-out flap to list all her titles.  Of course, I have to be careful when I tease her, because she also happens to be my wife!”

Dennis Mell, Chief Technology Officer