Who We Work With


We take ideas and bring them to market. If you are an established company or just beginning, we provide a tangible value-add.  

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Let us be the agile ones. 

Keep your employees focused on their business-critical functions by outsourcing your new project to Custom Technologies. 

We handle design, prototyping, manufacturing and automation. 

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We handle what you don’t!

We know the essentials of product development and product launch. We will work with you to ensure every critical step is done- either by your team or ours. 

We customize our services based on your team’s needs. 


Use our real-world experience. 

Protect your investment in early-stage startups by integrating with the Custom Technologies team. Fill out your startup’s team by hiring a tried and true manufacturing partner to guide them through unforeseen obstacles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly sign nondisclosure agreements with our clients. And, as it just so happens we have an intellectual property attorney on our staff. Protecting our client’s interests is a core part of our business. 

Most of the time, we don’t require a long-term contract. Our strategy is to continuously EARN your business by giving you a clear value-add, rather than bind you to us via contract. 

Each project is unique. First, we talk to you a whole bunch about your product and what services you need. Then, we quote you a fair price for each step of the launch cycle that is relevant for your project. At each stage, the price you pay is clearly explained, in advance. We don’t like surprises when we buy things, and we assume our clients don’t like surprises either.