Testimonials (hidden)


“As an electronics expert, I am now in the process of launching a product that requires a customized metal housing to contain the fragile electronics. I joined a local tech-shop and intended to machine the prototypes myself. Programmed everything using a specialized CAM system that was supposed to know how to make the machine run. I turned it on and the sound was like the worst screaming cats you’ve ever heard. No way is a milling machine supposed to sound like that! I called Custom Technologies for advice, and they took over the process quickly and capably. I now have beautiful parts, and I’m back to doing what I do best, and not fretting over learning how to make a milling machine purr!” – Scott Chaney, Q-Net Security

“While Custom Technologies is certainly an excellent machine shop, I think they add even more value helping customers with the entire product development process. Their engineers are excellent problem solvers and are adept at all steps of the PDP, from prototyping to setting up a production process and assembly line.” – Lowell Jones Phd, Nexmatix