Concierge Subscriptions

Our concierge subscriptions make things easy, faster, and very affordable. All plans give a discount on our standard hourly rates, and all plans allow to mix and match your needs from any of our six CustomMAKETM process steps. Whatever your need, and whatever phase you’re in, you can get discounted pricing and faster lead times. We’ll proudly be your on-call manufacturing partner. And we’ll understand the big picture of what you’re trying to do.

Startups – we’ll be your constant liason with investors and your potential customers – having a manufacturing expert on retainer will give them peace of mind that your launch will be operationally successful. And you can get back to watching the Silicon Valley sitcom and nodding your head with sympathetic understanding. Need to bring your investors or customers for a visit to view your manufacturing capabilities? Our concierge plans accommodate your needs and include on-site visits to our facility. Give us notice, and we’ll set up a visit that will give your stakeholders peace of mind that you can deliver on your milestones.

Established companies – our concierge service will help you be at your most agile. We think out of the box in a very entrepreneurial way. Our methods are innovative, and we avoid the red tape that so often bogs down the launch of new products in large companies. Let us be your off-site entrepreneurial start-up, and we’ll be agile on your behalf.

Just the Basics
$900 Per Month
10% Discount off Standard Rates
Extended Evening Biz Hours with Customized Ring-Thru Phone Access
Priority/Rush Orders included: 1x per month
Rollover of Unused Time – Once annually you can roll one month to the next.
Onsite VIP Visitor Days included: 3x per year
A Bit More
$4900 Per Month
15% Discount off Standard Rates
Extended Evening Biz Hours with Customized Ring-Thru Phone Access
Priority/Rush Orders included: 2x per month
Rollover of Unused Time – Three times annually you can roll one month to the next.
Onsite VIP Visitor Days included: 5x per year
Heavy Hitter
$9900 Per Month
20% Discount off Standard Rates
Extended Evening Biz Hours with Customized Ring-Thru Phone Access
Priority/Rush Orders included: UNLIMITED!
Rollover of Unused Time – You can always roll unused time forward up to six months.
Onsite VIP Visitor Days included: 1x per month

Concierge Example:

I’m the CEO of a new startup and I am worried about my lack of knowledge in how to actually get my product made. My investors are also worried about my ability to get my product made. My real talent is in sales, but I know this product is a great idea and I want to pursue it. My product is pretty simple, but I really have no idea how to manufacture it, or who to even call for advice I can trust. So far the technical part of my presentation to investors is a lot of hand-waving, and me sketching on a whiteboard. I want to use the Concierge Services and ensure I have a reliable expert working on my behalf.

I sign up for the Just the Basics plan. Each month, I make a $900 investment, and I have $900 worth of credits to spend at Custom Technologies however I like. I decide to start with the DESIGN step. I have a day job, and I can only work on my startup in the evenings. I call the VIP line after work, and my phone number rings through. The CTO of Custom Technologies answers my call at 8 pm his local time. We briefly discuss my product idea, and I text him the design I’ve literally sketched on a cocktail napkin. He asks me several questions, and we discuss the big picture of the invention. Surprisingly, he also asks me market-related questions. He explains that he wants a big-picture view of how big I think my market is, who I expect to sell to, and what I think the market will bear for pricing of the product. He explains there are various ways he could envision making the product, with various levels of quality and sturdiness. He wants to be sure we are on the same page for what the desired cost should be. After more discussions, we hang up and he says he will get back to me within the next couple of days.

True to his word, two days later he sends me an email with some more sketches (these are now fancy; they’re on a notepad!), and some detailed suggestions. He says my design, which in my mind required three different metal pieces bolted together, could be made as a single molded plastic part. With the desired price point I’ve given, this is great news because I’ve been worried about getting the price down to a good point. He has sketched some new ideas, and I redline these and send them back. After another two days of back and forth discussions (texting, phone, and emails), we have a sketch I really like.

At regular rates, this design consultation would be priced at a standard rate of $175 per hour, but my rate is discounted by 10%. We’ve spent 4 hours of his time doing DESIGN so far, so I’ve used up $175 x 4 x 90% = $630 of my monthly credits.

At this point, he suggests we move to the DRAW phase so that we can get something pretty for me to present to my investment team. I agree, and his team starts to draw my idea as a 3D Solid model. A couple days later, and I receive an email with a gorgeous rendition of my idea in 3D. Wow! The idea is taking form. The drawing phase took 3 hours to get to a first draft ready to be reviewed, and the regular rate is $80. I am charged $80 x 3 x 90% = $216 against my monthly credit.

At this point, I decide it’s time to call my investors and give a show-and-tell. The month is nearing its end, and I’ve used $846 of my $900 credit. $54 rolls to next month, and after talking to my investors, I’ll confidently take the next steps. The following month starts, and the investor meeting went well. But, rightfully so, the investors want to meet my manufacturing consultants to see for themselves how things are working. We set up a VIP visitor day at Custom Technologies, and my investors and I fly to St. Louis. What a success! As a happy surprise, the Custom Technologies team had even made a quick mock-up of the product for the meeting. Having the first rendition of a real prototype really impressed me and my investors.

After meeting the Custom Technologies team, and seeing the talent and diverse capabilities of that group, and their genuine interest in my company, my investors were more than satisfied that manufacturing will not be a worry! Now, I can go back to what I do best – selling my new product!